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Three Year Old Classes


Whether your child is new to preschool or not, the Tree Town 3’s class is a great way to experience our cooperative style in action.  The maximum class size is 16 students.  Goals for the class are learning to recognize letters, shapes, and writing his/her name.  Children count, learn their numbers, and work on the fine motor skills of cutting and writing.

The day typically begins with free play and a project, which reinforces the day’s learning concept.  There might be painting at the art easel helping to work on grasp as a pre-writing skill.   Perhaps finger painting with chocolate pudding - a delicious sensory experience!

The children gather for circle time to focus on their jobs for the day and reinforce the day’s learning concept.  The children talk about the month, day and current weather.  There are fish to feed and a plant to water; all small step towards responsibility.  Children count their friends for the all important snack time.  A healthy, organic snack is provided.

The children experience play activity designed to exercise small bodies and minds as part of our day, too.  If the weather is appropriate, there is an enclosed play area on our grounds.  During the winter months, there is ball throwing, balance beams, and even hula hoops to work on balance and coordination.  The children end their day with a story and a smile!


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