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Four Year Old Classes


Our 4’s class is focused on preparing your child to enter kindergarten the following year. Our curriculum stresses letter recognition, writing skills, counting and number skills.  We accomplish this through our “learn through play” philosophy and incorporate math, science, and language arts through out the year.

Our 4 year olds experience life outside the walls of Tree Town through a variety of field trips during the school year. The 4’s class visits the local fire house, Fullersburg Woods during maple syrup time, and the Triton College Space Museum.

Our 4’s class will experience a variety of thematic units through out the year. Children learn their address and phone number during our Fire Safety Unit. Our 4’s experience the power of imagination by building a space shuttle from cardboard and wire to take them to the moon.

Although helping is not required at Tree Town, parents are always welcome and their experience adds to our rich learning environment.

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